Wittenberg Estate Garden

Opened in September of 2012, the beautiful Wittenberg Estate is one of the most unique areas of Ferncliff Cemetery. The garden was carefully designed to include a wide array of choices for those who select traditional ground burial as well as those following the growing trend toward cremation.

This addition to our memorial park is enhanced by the beauty of mature trees and is located in one of the oldest sections of the cemetery.

The garden design replicates the landscaping and trees to blend perfectly with the surroundings. A walkway leads through the garden towards its central feature, a circular niche columbarium adorned by a granite replica of the classic Ferncliff Angel that welcomes visitors to our original mausoleum.

For traditional ground burial, there are a number of selections for individuals and families including landscaped plots and double depth lawn crypts.

Families that prefer cremation will find premium cored markers, granite tablets, cremation pedestals, cremation estates as well as our angel niche columbarium.

Available product options: