Knollwood Cremation Garden

The Knollwood Cremation Garden was created to meet the need of families and friends for a permanent outdoor memorial for those who select cremation. Knollwood offers a unique variety of interment and memorialization options set among a beautifully landscaped garden of flowering trees, plants and perennials.


The Knollwood Cremation Garden offers above ground interment in a variety of granite niches in our community columbarium or in the more private planter, fountain, pedestal, and bench niches.

The garden also offers a variety of other unique and individualized ground burial options for cremation interment. Those options include premium individual and companion markers, memorial tablets, and curb estates, all of which are constructed of the finest imported granites.

The Knollwood Cremation Garden also features an underground ossuary. This community burial option provides an affordable alternative to scattering. Families also have the option to permanently memorialize the name of their loved one on a shared granite cenotaph.

Available product options: