Mausoleum Entombment

About Mausoleum Entombment

Artfully designed and carefully integrated within the landscape by distinguished architects, the classic simplicity of the Rosewood Mausoleum utilizes ageless materials. Elegant granites and marbles, thoughtfully selected for their traditional beauty and durability, are the principle materials adorning all exterior and interior spaces. Constructed by skilled artisans, Rosewood will fulfill its mission for centuries.

Celebrating Rosewood's rose-colored entrance is an elegant and inviting tree-lined promenade integrated with and complementing the building's rich blend of granites. Unifying the mausoleum with its surrounding landscape is a combination of ornamental ironwork, stone walls and plantings, subtly blurring the traditional edge between architecture and landscape. To provide for peaceful contemplation, an adjacent, richly landscaped memorial garden has been designed with flowering trees and delicate perennials selected for comforting color, fragrance and seasonal bloom.

The warm glow of soothing light emanating from a glass dome high above the central rotunda, and majestic floor-to-ceiling windows recurring throughout the building, amplify light to enhance the soft-colored marbles and terrazzo adorning all walls and floors.

Mausoleum entombment at Rosewood represents the ideal resting place for your loved ones, providing a source of peace, comfort and consolation for your family for years to come.
Occasionally, Ferncliff Cemetery reacquires burial rights to property in the Shrine of Memories and Ferncliff Mausoleum. If you are interested in these locations when they become available, please speak with one of our representatives.

Distinctive Mausoleum Entombment Options

Indoor Mausoleum Crypts

photo of Indoor Mausoleum Crypts
Stately marble front crypts at Rosewood Mausoleum are designed to hold casketed remains for individuals as well as for two companions. These crypts are both clean and dry and can also accommodate cremated remains.

Availability: Rosewood Mausoleum

Private Family Rooms for Casketed Remains

photo of Private Family Rooms for Casketed Remains
For families desiring a more private area for their loved ones' casketed remains, stately individual rooms are available. These rooms, constructed of the finest marbles, are designed to reflect the personal taste and faith of their owners including custom designed and fabricated stained glass, tapestries, carpets, memorial benches, and altars. Private Family Rooms are also available for cremains.

Availability: Rosewood Mausoleum